STEM Learning Design

Enhancing programs & learning spaces for active learning

At STEM Learning Design, we support innovation in pedagogy and learning spaces for transformative learning experiences. Our mission is to enable dynamic learning through programs and spaces that resonate with students, communities, and the evolving demands of the modern world. Whether you’re an educator, a leader, an architect, or a passionate advocate for transformative learning, our collaborative approach will empower you to shape the future of education. Join us on this journey of exploration and growth as we pioneer the future landscape of education together.

Our Services

Educational Design

  • Educational Visioning: Together, we create a strong plan for your institution’s success.
  • Program Review: We analyze your current programs and experiences, finding ways to innovate & enhance equity.
  • Transition Planning: Whether adopting new visions or managing change, we ensure seamless transitions.

Space Design

  • STEM Facility Guidance: Insights for facilities embracing STEM spaces and education principles.
  • Optimized Learning Spaces: Design consultation with program specifications, fostering optimal learning experiences.
  • Educational Commissioning: Enhancing post-occupancy engagement for sustained success.

Our Impact



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