STEM Learning Design

Welcome to STEM Learning Design, an organization committed to making a difference in education through thoughtful programs and meaningful student learning experiences. Our mission is to empower PreK-12 students by fostering active learning and engagement within their communities. By incorporating community context, partnerships, and opportunities into programming, we create a comprehensive approach that ensures coherence across curriculum, instruction, learning spaces, policy, and culture.

At STEM Learning Design, we believe in the power of systems thinking to revolutionize education. Through collaborative efforts with school communities, educators, students, industry professionals, and architects, we optimize conditions for active learning and shape the future of education. Our team specializes in program design and development, using cutting-edge strategies to design 21st-century learning experiences that are future-ready and aligned with the needs of today’s learners.

Educational Planning

We understand the importance of educational planning and continuously strive to push the boundaries of education innovation. Our expert team excels in educational design, combining learner-centered approaches with STEM education planning to create transformative learning environments. We embrace project-based learning as a cornerstone of our approach, fostering student- and community-centered experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

STEM Learning Experiences

We emphasize the evaluation of STEM programs to ensure their effectiveness and impact. We believe in the power of visioning, equity, and inspiring educational institutions to imagine a future where every student has access to quality STEM learning experiences. Our commitment to creating learner-centered, project-based learning drives us to cultivate an educational landscape that prepares students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Contact STEM Learning Design to embark on an educational journey that equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. Together, we can shape a brighter future through educational planning, program design, effective learning spaces, and a passion for innovation.

Our Experience

STEM Learning Design has extensive experience with:

  • School Redesign
  • Learning Space Design
  • Educational Program Design
  • Educator Development
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Learning Standards
  • Education Policy

Our Founder

Jake Foster

Jake Foster - Tufts LEGO Keynote 6-2018
Jake Foster delivering the keynote address at the Tufts LEGO Engineering Symposium, June 2018

Introducing Jake Foster (Ph.D., ALEP) the driving force behind STEM Learning Design, known for his expertise in education innovation and curriculum design. Jake’s extensive experience in education began as a classroom teacher, then as a teacher educator, and leader at the MA Department of Education.

With prior work encompassing improving educational systems for active learning and STEM programs at the MA Department of Education, Jake brings a wealth of experience. As a vital contributor to the Next Generation Science Standards writing team, and each of the Massachusetts STEM learning standards, Jake is a true advocate of 21st-century learning.

His extensive background includes teaching high school physical and earth sciences and coaching middle school educators in technology integration and project-based learning. His commitment to the principles and strategies of the Coalition of Essential Schools and his role as a teacher educator showcase his dedication to student-centered and project-based learning.

As the founder of STEM Learning Design, Jake envisions a future where education is synonymous with empowerment. Collaborating with educators, students, and professionals, he crafts future-ready learning experiences that are dynamic and effective. His strategic approach to program and curriculum development ensures that learning is a transformative journey.

Jake’s mission extends to evaluating educational programs and learning spaces, with a particular focus on STEM, ensuring their efficacy and aligning them with the evolving needs of today’s learners. Through his leadership, he engages institutions to reimagine education. Join him in shaping a brighter tomorrow through program design and educational planning that is innovative and student-centered.

Discover how STEM Learning Design transforms curriculum to foster active learning.