Innovative and effective STEM learning experiences engage students in relevant tasks, take advantage of a variety of community resources, needs, and opportunities. Effective STEM programs prepare students to address civic, workplace, and global needs.

We can help you identify a program that brings these elements to life to achieve a thoughtful and engaging STEM program. Whether you are enhancing student learning opportunities, updating STEM learning spaces, or changing direction, we can help with services such as:

  • Learning space design and prototyping
  • Design of STEM programming and initiatives
  • STEM program review
  • Advocacy for STEM policies

Example Services

Educational organizations
  • Prototyping learning spaces
  • Goal-setting and visioning for STEM program
  • STEM program evaluation
Architecture firms
  • Articulating best practices for STEM facilities
  • Laboratory consultant
  • Post-occupancy education program evaluation

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